Reminder: A baby is a person!!!



I met my friend.s new born baby the other day at the hospital
and it was quite an interesting experience.

When you arrive at the hospital, to go up and see your friend all you have to  do is ask for your friend’s name and the reception lady gives you the room number and lets you go up to the room, no questions asked. I was stunned at how easy it would be for any person to walk off the street, ask for her by name, and with no security check that random person could, theoretically, go up and visit the baby.

I did not think it would be that easy to go up and see the baby, but it was,Dear Ginobook readers.( Yay he said his “catchphrase”.)

If I ever was the father of a baby I would probably use a password for guests. I really do not think knowing,mine or the Mother’s name is enough of a safe guard in my opinion.

The room was amazing it had a T.V, 2 fridges stocked by the hospital with snacks, nice comfy chairs to recline in, a cupboard that you could wheel around the room, it had the little see through baby tank on top of it, and you had a built in bed beside the window which over looked a beautiful view of trees and forest.

The extra bed was for expecting Fathers and not visiting Gino’s, but if given the option I would definitely live in that room. It was better than most bed and breakfasts. ( Legal disclaimer: I have never been to a bed and breakfast.)
It was insisted upon me that I hold the baby, but I said I would rather just “pet it”, as I was afraid that I would drop it and cause great harm to it. This Baby was so little and frail
and it made me nervous how easily it would be to unintentionally cause it harm. I was talked in to holding it and it was a very strange experience. I was not connected to it in any emotional or “human to human” way, but I was very aware that this was a sweet little being and I found my self being instinctively careful.

It did not feel unnatural holding the baby, and I was very aware of how dear
and sweet of being this was, but I felt no personal connection to the baby.I also found my self amused with its wrinkly little hands and amazingly tiny  finger nails. I think I laughed with amusement at how little and detailed his tiny hands were. I also found my self referring to the baby as “it”and not “he” or by his name. I had to be corrected several times as I would say,”It’s hands are so wrinkly and tiny”,Or, “It was so purple yesterday in those photos it was in on facebook”.

I have plenty of time to call it “he” and not “it”. I look forward to knowing it better and teaching it all my “Gino wisdom”.


Congratulations Stephanie and Geoff on your new baby boy. I think he will bring you lots of love and happiness and I send you both, my love and happiness on this day.   Proud of you both!







Happy 4 leaf clover day!!!


Happy St. Patricks day y’all. I once again apologise for my lack of response on Ginobook. I must confess that I have been staring in front of a blank computer waiting for the inspiration to strike me. I am struck with such inspiration now, dear Ginobook readers.

First off, I would like to congratulate two women that I know for their successful and upcoming pregnancies. In a manner of speaking, I will be becoming an uncle in the next few months.

 It boggles the mind I must say, dear Ginobook readers. How does one comprehend the task of being an uncle in this ever-changing time with all of the craziness of this World?
 I asked my brother how he would be handling his duties, he mostly just informed me of his unavailability for baby sitting.

I asked my Uncle( Who ‘Uncles’ his ass off) what I need to be a good uncle  and he advised me to avoid baby talk. What a great piece of Uncling advice, I hope that I can be half the uncle that he has been.
Uncle uncle uncle uncle uncle!!!  I just thought I would say uncle a few more times in order to get it out of my system.

So, it’s St. Patricks day huh? I must inform you that I am not wearing any green, save for the text on my tote bag that reads “Thrifty foods”. It is green in case I did not properly establish this fact.
Thrifty foods gives these bags for a small fee to discourage you from using the Crappy paper bags when you forget the tote bag. I remember the times I did not have a tote bag and had to use the previously mentioned  crappy recycled paper bags. The bag did not hold and ripped open under the weight of 2 pounds of groceries.
The stupid paper bag is so God damned flimsy, and I found my self surmising that they do that on purpose to punish people for not using the tote bag and being a ‘scourge on the environment’. The bags break and tear at least 80 percent of the time, and that is a conservative estimate.
It really is quite a pain when I buy a two litre of milk and it drops on the side-walk and I am left to cradle it as it leaks on my walk home, the result being a long stream of cold milk upon my “pristine clean unstained shirt”.

God, My life is tough!

Um, yeah, Happy St. Pattys and congragts to me for being a n Uncle in the near future!! Proud of me.

Happy Valentines day!!

I love Doritos and this is a heart made out of Doritos.

I love Doritos and this is a heart made out of Doritos.

Happy valentines day, dear Ginobook readers. I am guessing that Valentines day is a pretty big deal for some of you and I really am happy for you, but I find my self a little bit cynical when this poster child of ‘hallmark holidays” rolls around. Dollar stores are full of valentines day crap! Go into your local dollar store and you will see all this cheap ‘ticky tacky’ red coloured low rent candy all sold in a huge open area lit by, way,too,bright, fluorescent lighting and the constant smell of melting plastic. What the hell is the deal with that?!?

Why does every dollar store smell like gross chemicals and melting plastic?  My – guess:Everything is sprayed with a fine layer of cancer.

Dollar stores are like a war zone: Get in get out and get home safe. I find if I spend more than 10 minutes in a dollar store I feel anxious and annoyed. Dollar stores are great for picking up a few quick items and snacks, but when I am in there too long I feel over whelmed by the chemical smells and swirling mess of brightly lit crappy easily torn or ripped “burner products’.

I hope I don’t come across relatable’ or ‘charming’,because I am not. I am sure if you read this you may think I am, trying to funny or I am saying what some of you are thinking,or another option I am not smart enough to think of. I am not really any of these and would appreciate being alleviated from any pressure that requires me to impress any one.  I am only trying to impress my 2 beautiful valentine dates.

Oh, you weren’t expecting that were you? Yeah, I am avoiding the dollar store Valentine day mania and chilling with my 2 ladies.

I have photo proof for all of you ‘haterz”who don’t believe.( in other words pics or GTFO.)


Take that haterz!! I am spending valentines day with my favourite lady!

Take that haterz!! I am spending valentines day with my favourite lady!


My 45ths favourite lady. This cat eats too much food ( like me) and generally sucks at catching mice and staying awake.

My 45th favourite lady. This cat eats too much food ( like me) and generally sucks at catching mice and staying awake.

This is your average dollar store aisle. It is a shrub maze of shimmering plastic wrap encasing plastic crap.

This is your average dollar store aisle. It is a shrub maze of shimmering plastic wrap encasing plastic crap.

Hide your Sons France, Nathaniel is coming!!!


Happy New Year Dear Ginobook readers I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year celebration. I spent New Years with my good friend Tiffany and had a fun time playing games at her lovely New Years party. Tiffany put a lot of work in her planning and her yummy snacks only to have many of her guests cancel on her at the last-minute. On behalf of Tiffany an all the Ginobook readers, I say, FUCK YOU LAST MINUTE CANCELLING ASS HOLES!!!

Even with limited numbers and the annoyance of cancelling tit wits, we had a fun time and were treated by Tiffany to baked and deep-fried chicken wings. That is correct, Tiffany deep-fried us chicken wings on the stove top. If that doesn’t say love I don’t know what does.

Speaking of love, don’t you love videos by my brother Nathaniel?

Well if you do, I have quite the treat for you. Please enjoy Nathaniel talking about his desire to go to France.

Merry Christmas friends!!

Shirtless hunk hanging out by the Shaw cable fire.

Shirtless hunk hanging out by the Shaw cable fire.

I am not a religious person and yet I am still a man who says ‘Merry Christmas’. I have no problem with any one wishing me holiday greetings of any sort from any religion, but I get a little annoyed when people want to exclude what some one else says. I am a person who loves inclusion and want more people to say there preferred holiday greeting to me.

Happy Hanuka, merry Christmas, Happy festivus, happy holidays I don’t even mind the occasional ‘Jesus loves you’ here and there. There are a few people who get offended when people give them a Christmas greeting and that annoys me. If some one is being nice to you and is being friendly, be polite and say thank you or smile, even if you are not some one who likes using the word,’Christmas’.

I welcome all faith based greetings during this holiday season and I accept them with sincere happines and cheer.

I am not a faith based man but I still will say Merry Christmas to people and cringe when I hear some one say ‘happy holidays’.

That being said,dear Ginobook readers, I wish you a prideful holidays and hope you all get as fat as me from all the yummy food.

My beard rules and Merry Christmas – THE END!!!

I wrote a song in grade 7.

Feelings suck. Being a young boy under the impression that you are, in fact in love,can be a very difficult thing to cope with. Dealing with these feelings is sucky. As a young grade 7 boy I had these sucky feelings of, “being in love”, and devised ( at least in my mind) a fool proof plan to get the girl: I would write her a love song.

in my mind it was a formula-tic approach – Create love song + Sing girl the love song = She loves you. The end.

This is the very first rough draft of the song I wrote for Jacy in grade 7. My brother Nathaniel found this and posted it online. On the other side of the  paper are drawings of guns.

This is the very first rough draft of the song I wrote for Jacy in grade 7. My brother Nathaniel found this and posted it online. On the other side of the paper are drawings of guns.

Well that is not the end and it did not work out that way for the hero of this story.
Flash back to 1992, Kris Kross was making people,”jump jump”,  and Arsinio Hall and In living colour were the best shows on T.V.

There was one girl who  all the boys liked in the  Grade 7 class and I was no exception. She was a fetching young lass and she radiated confidence.She had to be mine, dear Ginobook readers.

Her name was Jacy, and she was the most popular girl in school.

Perhaps I was drawn to her due to her lofty,”popular girl”, status and my constant starvation of needing to fit in and be accepted. These sucky feelings of being rejected that would somehow be absolved if she loved me. I was not a bad-looking kid growing up but for various reasons I will not get into at this time, I was insecure about my physical appearance.

In my little,”Emo”, grade 7 mind I felt I needed to hedge my self-imposed handicap by doing something no other grade 7 boy could do for this pretty girl and of course that is by using all my creative effort and feelings for this pretty girl to win her affections.

She had a boyfriend who she was recently separated with and I chose this time frame to sing it to her.

I can not recall the first time I sang it to her, but I do remember how the other girls in school would get me to the sing the song for a large group of the cool group. I knew this song was social currency for me so I would make the girls wait for me to sing the song. This way I could keep
my social standing as the,”guy who wrote a song for a girl”.

They would stare at me with delight and exclaim,”aww, I wish I guy would write me a song,Jacy is so lucky”.

( maybe I should have tried getting one of these girls to be my girl friend)
So how did this story end?

Answer: She loved it and said it was so sweet, but in the end went back with her ex boy friend.

Feelings suck and this really fucking hurt me and made me a very bitter Gino. I had done every thing in my power to win her affection and in the end Love did not fall out of her.
I later,”un – dedicated the song to Jacy, I walked up to her one day and told her,”Jacy,I un-dedicate the song to you”. In my little emo riddled mind I made an official deceleration of Grade 7 Gino feelings ministry of resource.

I am sure I must have swallowed a massive lump of tears when I said this to her.


I am currently Facebook friends with Jacy and she is still a very beautiful  person. I have talked to her about doing this entry and she gave me her full blessing.

I have long forgiven her for this, even though there was really nothing for her to be forgiven from. She really was not obligated to love me for writing her a song and as a grown man looking back I realize this now.

She is a vibrant person and the man who gets to be with her should consider him self lucky.

I was going to sing the song and share the video here, but I do not have a camera with you. Perhaps at a later date I will sing the song and post it on youtube.  I bring you the next best thing, the lyrics of the song I wrote Jacy in grade 7.( Enjoy Ginobook readers)


What would you do if I

told you how much I care?

Would you take me seriously

Or just stand there and stare?

How can I describe the way

feel about you?

How come I just can’t

come out and say I love you?


So take the world you

pretty girl

Take each sand and

run it through your hands

and I’ll hold you tight for the

rest of the night and

we’ll be happy ever

after all.

Oh, and Jacy, I officially re – dedicate the song to you.




Here is a drawing of me with some poor cold cats. It is odd that Nathaniel felt  the need to draw me clean shaven. I am not sure if that is a subtle hint, but if it is, I say ,"I'm here I'm beard, get used to it".

Here is a drawing of me with some poor cold cats. It is odd that Nathaniel felt the need to draw me clean shaven and with out the massive beard that I currently have. I am not sure if that is a subtle hint, but if it is, I say  this,”I’m here I’m beard, get used to it”. In other words, the beard is staying. 

Some times at night I like to go and take walks to get some snacks at my local 7-11. It is very cold these days so I put on the ol’ Hoody and make my way to my local 7-11.

The last few nights I have noticed a disturbing trend : cats outside in the cold waiting to be ( I assume ) to be let in. I can only speculate as to how good a pet owner is when they leave their cat out on the coldest day of the year to shiver on the porch whilst their hillbilly neglectful owners sleep soundly in large soft king size beds with the heat cranked up.

To these owners, I say to you – let your fucking cat in you selfish neglectful pricks!!!

It is a sad situation for these kitties, but what can I do, I am just one man?  A handsome man plus size man, but yet, still just a man.

I have spun a few thoughts in my head on how to liberate these dear neglected kitties and because I am such a handsome plus sized man I will list them for listing sake.

1. I could knock on the door of the houses and when the tenants answer tell them that their cat is cold and wants to be let in. But due to the late hour and the odd nature of the request, I feel as though I may not be well received. Even though they deserve to be woken I may startle the owners of the house, or worse yet, I may get shot, like, with a gun.

2. Pick up the cats and put them in the house with out the tenants of the house finding out. This would not work because: cats at night always run away from me and make it impossible for me to get near them and it may look like I am a burglar trying to break in the house if I was out there in the night trying to open a window and shove a cat in it.


3.Take the cat to my house and let him spend the night. This is the one I want to do the most and I would have done this if the cats did not run from me every time I got near  them. If only they knew how much Gino cares for them, dear Ginobook readers.

These were some of the ideas I considered, and because of my inaction those very kitties that I speak of are outside tonight on their respective porches.  Yes, I checked earlier this evening to confirm that those kitties were still there as of press time. At least they have nice winter coats to keep warm, but I am sure they would rather sleep in the nice warm bed in a nice warm house.

I told Nathaniel Christopher a writer for Xtra West and an owner of a cat that will never know the bite of cold weather nor the sweltering discomfort of the heat. His cat Khan is very well taken care of and also is given the legal amount of Sashimi on a regular basis.

Here is Khan –


Nathaniel chilling with Khan at Sears portrait studio.

Nathaniel chilling with Khan at Sears portrait studio.

Nathaniel spent a while on the drawing of me and captured in a drawing that he claims took over ten hours to draw. He claims he spent over 3 hours on the hands alone. I told him that I will not be spending anywhere near that amount of time creating this entry and in keeping with that promise I will abruptly end this Ginobook entry.




My Mothers son's brother drew this photo.

My Mother’s son’s brother drew this photo. I like this drawing of me and I support it 100 percent. He really made me look like a sad dog on this drawing.

Earlier this week I was given the task of helping spot clean an apartment for a friend. My friend shows apartments to renters and part of her duty is cleaning, she gave me that duty and I was more than happy to take on this job.

She drove me to the apartment and showed me what needed cleaning and left me alone in the apartment. I cleaned the bathroom and I cleaned the fridge all the walls and washed all the windows.

I used up all the paper towels ( I am a little wasteful and I use paper towels to clean the toilet) and I ran out and had to wash some of the windows with a towel. I went outside to the balcony shut the door behind me and washed the balcony windows with this wonderful glass cleaner my,”boss”, Tiffany provided for me. Once I was satisfied with my work I went to let my self back in the apartment to finish up, but when I tried to get back in I had locked my self on the balcony.

This balcony had two doors, a slider connected to the bed room and a regular door handle door connected to the living room. I of course pulled and ripped at both doors and realized I would have to figure a different way to get my freedom back. I was trapped like a tiger in a cage and I paced wildly as I went over my options.


Here were my options.( I love lists!)

1. As I was only on the second floor I thought I could scale down the side of the building jump on the dumpster and then fall  to sweet sweet freedom. I did not do this as I would be outside the building with out keys and would have to, “con”, my way back into the building. ( This is the option Tiffany said she would do if she was in this situation.)


2. Scream at the tenant above me who had his or her window open and ask them to, walk down stairs and walk into a room in a strange apartment, with me, and release me from my captivity.

I decided against this option as I felt it would be putting that person in an awkward spot and at the same time make me look unprofessional, after all I was the, “hired help”, and I think bothering other tenants would be rather,”crumb bummy”.


3. Scream for help. I was thinking about yelling help as no one was walking by and the closest people to the building were across the street and sitting at some cafe.  If I were to scream for help I am sure it would have gotten a lot of negative attention and  people may call the police assuming I was being hurt or murdered. I also decided against calling people over as I assumed that it would scare or alarm people and I also did not want people thinking I was a crazy lunatic.


4. The solution.

I saw a lady way up the hill walking her dog and decided when she came near to me I would calmly ask her to call Tiffany and let her know of my situation.  I let this nice lady know of my situation and gave her Tiffany’s phone number. She called  up Tiffany and this lady let me know that Tiffany let me know that she will be there in ten minutes.( did you get all that) I jokingly said to the kind heroic lady in a joking exasperated tone,” oh great I will be stuck here an hour!”.

Ten minutes later the manager of the building walked in( NOT Tiffany, she sent the building manager to do her dirty week.) he got a look at me trapped out on the deck staring into the apartment chuckled heartily, unlocked the door and freed me from me from the balcony.


So,um yeah, that is the big event for me this week and because Nathaniel Christopher took the time to draw a lovely picture capturing my struggle, I decided to give it a blog that would explain it fully to all my dear Ginobook readers.


Gino and the heat.


The narrative of Ginobook today is that of a man who feels bad
about not updating Ginobook as frequent as his infrequent following
would want him to. That is me finding a new,”cutesy way”, of talking about my lack of posts on my website.

I have had a few ideas about what to write, but find my self hesitant to write any thing too revealing.

I also find my self over come with laziness.( It is about 70 percent laziness)I may as well complain about the god forsaken hot weather,we all know it has been super hot as of late. ( Thanks Obama)
I am a person of size and being as such I find hot weather uncomfortable and stifling. lately my great city has been having record-breaking heat days and I simply spend most of this time trying to avoid being out doors in this heat. Give me rain and fog any day of the week,  it sure beats slogging through hot muggy weather.

I have noticed during this weather that when I am walking to the store to get sustenance old men feel obligated to share their thoughts on current weather trends.

Earlier today,in which the weather was cooled down from the gross heat, an older gent walking down the side-walk proclaimed to me,( even though I gave him  no non verbal encouragement),”Sure beats the heat eh?”, to which I replied in  a some what dismissive and, “business only”, tone, “YUP”.

The other encounters were much similar and not worth repeating as it would involve me repeating my self and only changing the state of the weather.
I have a few theories as to why these Olde men seem to talk to me and talk about  the weather. I will number them as it will save me from having to google the appropriate use of one of these, ” ;”. ( Semicolon )
1. I am a bigger man and these old men may feel they need
to engage this mundane dialogue to break some sort of tension
as I may make them feel uncomfortable some how.
2. It may be the same man and I just keep thinking it is different men.
I am being 100 percent serious about this.This crossed my mind as it was
happening a few times and I probably make very little effort in recording
their( or his) appearance to memory.
3. He is polite/lonely and he thinks I would be some one nice to have
a brief exchange with. This is probably most likely of all scenarios and
YES I am over thinking this. I drank a lot of coffee today and this is what ticky tap danced on to my key board out of my sausage like fingers.


Toodles y’all,please enjoy this picture of my younger brother Nathniel Christopher.

nat piano


Quick little review about the New Dorito’s taco from Taco Bell.

Here is a video I made where I discuss my Dorito’s taco eating experience. I make no apologies for the sound or picture quality, Nathaniel. I am also considering writing an entry about fat shaming in the near future. Please keep in mind that I am only considering this idea and I am not 100 percent sold on this topic idea, Nathaniel. Well enjoy the video and if you do not enjoy the video enjoy the rest of your day.